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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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>supervisor kim: good morning. welcome to the tpja meeting of march 8. go ahead and call roll. >> you do have a quorum. item number three, communications. i am not aware of any.
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item number four, board of directors new and old business. supervisor kim: any new announcements? to go item number five, executive director's report. -- >> item number five, executive directors report. >> we will give you the quarterly report and various updates and a construction update. first, i want to mention in may we will be putting out a bid for a package that is coming up soon. secondly, i did want to mention we are going to be having the first-ever groundbreaking for a new development in the transbay neighborhood coming up soon. we have a date tentatively set for september 2. this would be blocked 1 11a. the project is a mid-rise. it is 120 units.
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it is going to have 108 studios. 121-bedrooms. there will be up to three retail spaces, a community room and outdoor space. the presidents of the building will be formally homeless individuals that are referred by the department of public health that are offered subsidy and funding for services and the project. a joint program of ucf will provide on-site clinic calls in support of services for the residence. it will offer treatment, supportive counseling their peak and vocational training, etc.. we will be sending the board an invitation would we have confirmed details. tentatively we have it for april 2. our first-ever ground rate for the first development of the neighborhood, and i am happy it is a home for formerly homeless
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individual. that is the update. now i would like asked sarah to please come up and present quarterly reports. >> good morning. sarah gillate. >> the first report shows expenditures are within budget through the second quarter of this fiscal year we of spent approximately 67 million. about 467,000 and operating expenditures and 172,000 going into operating reserves. the second report is the contract status report showing that all contracts are within their authorized amount. it shows the percentages for each contract. we are at 15% dbe awards.
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the third report is our investment and interest earnings report. you might notice the format has changed. it is related to the block 11 supportive housing that was just mentioned, the groundbreaking. it is now invested in u.s. treasury notes. of that will give an update on the project labor agreement. -- bob beck. >> thank you, members of the board. the board in november, and we
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have taken a number of steps implementing this. most significantly, we have the first quarterly meeting of the joint administrative meeting, which is including two representatives of the of tpj and two representatives of the labor union. their representatives from turner construction from the project -- program management team, and the project. that meeting went very well, and recovered a number of items there. and -- we covered a number of items there. the key terms are covering work stoppages. we have not had work stoppages or disputes with the union at this point. the unions are reporting they do not have any problems meeting its labor demands for the project. we did have one of safety
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incident this past quarter, which was a sprained ankle. the employee in question went for treatment and returned to decide the next dthe site the n in december the executive directors, members of the labor union, the contractor, turner construction attended the opening of the new vocational training carpenter shop and john o'connell high school. the carpenters coming out of that session agreed to donate textbooks for the program, and the general contractor's donated a number of pieces of equipment, several toolboxes and other equipment to the facility. more recently last week the remembers of our team went to john busraharah burton high schd
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presented to groups of ninth graders on engineering and construction trades in the importance of math and science curriculum. we are also looking to carry forward our high school internship program this summer, both with program management team and tpja for what will be our fifth year. earlier last month we meant with the executive director of the of hellman's for hard hats director. he met with representatives of the labor union to give us details on the program, how they identify prospective candidates who ardee leaving the military r recently left the military and trades they would be interested
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in, so those can be dovetailed with apprenticeships programs at local unions. upcoming in august there is going to be a job fair on the uss hornet that we will be attending to look to connect with potential candidates as well. there was also a job fair at the veterans building march 2 that dog holly from the program management team attended to distribute information on our project and the hellman's for hard hats program. in terms of updates on apprenticeships opportunities in utilization, carpenters have reported to us they have nine apprentices currently working on the project. operating engineers have reported they have for apprentices and city build graduates working on the project, and a labor union has
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identified they have 36 apprentices working on the project in the month of november and december. that concludes my report on progress to date. if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer. >supervisor kim: i appreciate you went to buto highrton high school. i am curious how you plan on recruiting students and how big is selected? >> we have an open the application process, and we typically have a people come in for interviews with potential people they would be managing or mentoring. it is throughout review of applications and potential interest in match with the particular -- >supervisor kim: you are
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just recruited ninth graders? >> no. there was an opportunity at the school for people to come and speak. we have established dialogue with the district office, and we are trying to match up -- match up whenever there is an interest from one of the schools for presentation, and speaking opportunities or site-visit opportunities. we're making that wide open. we tend to focus more on juniors and seniors, people who are making decisions about college. supervisor kim: are you looking for specific backgrounds or skill sets you have a criteria to pick from? >> it is open, so it is somewhat
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of a broad net. we are looking for people who potentially have an interest. supervisor kim: who are you working with dspecifically in the district? >> doug holly is the point person for the veteran's component in the school district. he has been for the last number of years. doug, why don't you answer the questions. supervisor kim: who are you working with specifically at the school district? >> james coal. when we went to get the presentations, we did work directly with the read of the high school teachers. >>supervisor kim: i am curious s
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to -- it is already march, and usually internships in turn have been in march and april. i am worried if we do not have a specific plan -- i would love to see the application, i just want a sense of how the out reach will happen. when the net is too broad, you often do not get students to apply. it is not really clear who this is being directed to and what the students need. it is usually helpful to target specific academies. it does not sound like there is an actual plan. >> there is in a plan. why don't you give the plan. >> in working with the sacramento unified school district, they -- san francisco unified school district, they provide candidates who are
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interested. obviously the teachers' work directly with the students. the candidates are interviewed, and they interestingly enough, they go through a hiring process -- supervisor kim: i am curious about this today even gets there. the interview point. clearly you have a selection process laid out. and >> >> we do. the program has three different elements to it. reaching out to the ninth graders, we do not try to get them interested in math and science, because 10th and 11th grade will be the times when that will come math will come i. the presentations are part of the process. i did have a note on that.
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athis summer interns is the second part i just described to you. we have them for six weeks on the job. then we have office and job site tours for the glasses. essentially what we are doing is something that georgetown university, george washington university as a classroom. so we do start with ninth graders to try to get them interested in math and science. we to invite them to the office to see a real time at what engineers to come architects as well. >> you present to the ninth graders and take the same
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group on tours? >> that is up to them. one of the things about taking them on tours, is a bit overwhelming. also, at the age of the students. ninth graders are typically 13 and 14. when we get into the intern program, it is for seniors. the students have already had math and science, and we do take them on to the job site. supervisor kim: may be at the next board meeting we can get a more detailed presentation. i appreciate what you're trying to say. and >> i think the question is the following, how is it the are the students selected? how does the school make the
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determination as to what students to recommend to the transbay authority. >> typically at the academy at burton. i think they may have something out washington as well. i will check which aims to see what criteria he does use. >> basically through james we have cast a wide net to all the schools in san francisco. the transbay authority is looking for in terms. james has looked around the schools, and he has recommended students for us to interview. my policy in the office has been to primarily target students that are minorities. women and minorities. for the most part that is what we have had in our offices. that is that criteria. it is really coming from the
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school district here agaict. supervisor kim: it would be great to get up from james. i would be were read to say any student can apply. you have to be very targeted to students because it is a very specific type of internship. if i hear you are targeting academies and how our reach is happening and how you are getting students incentivize to come in, i think that is really important. and our school district is 90% students of color, so i do not think minority applicants will be an issue. that is something we're trying to do. we want more women and people of color in this industry. i think it is helpful to see what the plan is. also, we're just coming into ninth grade class ises, it is jt not as meaningful. telling students to take math and science is not going to be
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as effective. if you decide burton is the school you want to partner with, which i think is great, because i know they have the design academy that does work in engineering, then there should be a concerted effort to follow the students as they rise in order to release support them through that process. in two years you can get an internship. just some sort of continuing. maybe james can provide that report. it can be written. >> we will. i do want to say over the past five years we have had numerous students come to the transbay offices here and a number of them have ended up being interested in engineering and architecture and moving on in college pursuing the career. we have had a very successful internship program over the past five years. we have been interviewing
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students the school has been giving us. we will ask james to present how they are choosing the students. supervisor kim: it would be great to me some of the students. >> we will bring them out. they are great. last summer they came. supervisor kim: thank you. now we of steve rowland on the construction update. -- we have steve rowland on the construction update. >> good morning. construction management oversight. a quick update on the activities of the past period. 230,000 craft hours over the complete transit on the transit side. 20,000 in the month of february. the buttress work continues with 10 shops completed in the last period. down on the west end they
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started the piles that will support this service trestle, we spoke about at the last board meeting. pg&e is working on the infrastructure on fremont street. finished first read already. we're focusing on getting the traffic bridge in over the memorial day weekend. as bob reported, there was one recordable incident on the project. to clarify, it was not a serious incident, but what made it recordable is the individual was given a prescription pain medication, versus just over the counter bad bill or tylenol. and-- over the counter advil or tylenol. it was just an ankle sprain. that is the first recordable incident since last july. to give you an update on the
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timeline, you have seen this before. we have the exception of crossing first in fremont street. prior to the traffic bridges we're well into the excavation and the butchers work, and the traffic bridges will be starting memorial day with first street. i have added the red line on the west and that indicates where the pin piles are being placed to support this service trestle where the greens will be future of excavation that is well under way, as well as some of the bracing for that and across lot bracing beginnings we saw last period. zone four, it does not look like much is changing, but they are getting them in as quickly as they can. good progress on that. 50 of them completed through the end of last week, with 157 left to go. just a couple of pictures of the
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work going in. the drilling contractor did get a new rotator. started work on it in the first full tuesday, and is making great progress. they plan to pour that this afternoon, if not tomorrow morning. that has added help to that. the west end photograph on there, the right-hand picture, the progress is made with the trestle pleyel's. the pen piles for the future crustal going in. that is just looking back towards the east giving you a better idea of the work going on in support of what will eventually be the trestle bridge as the excavation goes down to the next level. the pan am pilot placement operation -- the pin pile


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